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Our dog walking service is flexible to your households needs. We can accommodate timings to suit your household and do not offer a pack walk service, to ensure every dog gets full attention with their needs being met fully.


Dogs are social animals that need exercise and stimulation everyday. If dogs don’t get enough exercise and attention, certain unwanted behaviours can arise, such as chewing, barking and accidents indoors. Lack of exercise can also lead to obesity and other health issues – an unhappy and unhealthy dog!

 Sometimes there isn’t enough time in the day to fit in a dog walk around childcare and work. We can arrange our visits to be halfway through your working day, so your dog can get a toilet break, lots of cuddles and exercise. We are also available at weekends if your family plans a day out!

All visits are individual to each household. We don’t walk dogs together in packs, or in transportation vans. Your walker will be fully committed to your household and pet during our visits, with each walker having a DBS check, a pet first aid certificate and insured. We also have training sessions to learn about dog behaviour , to ensure our pet care standards are high, with also pet emergency policies being in place in case an incident was to occur.

If you are interested in our services, please contact us to arrange a free first visit, where we can assess your pet and find out what you need!

1 hour: £11

1/2 hour: £6

£2 per extra dog from the same household


Puppy visit

A puppy visit is a 15 minute drop in. We can clean any accidents, replenish water, reward positive behaviour and play in the garden, encouraging them to toilet. This service is perfect for the younger dogs, and for the average working day (between 8am-5pm) a mid morning, and mid afternoon visit is recommended. A 15 minute drop in visit is currently £3.

£11 includes a 30 minute visit mid morning and 30 minutes mid afternoon.

£2 per extra dog from the same household

30 minute visit – £6

1 hour visit – £11

Extra dogs

Any extra dogs within the same household are £2 extra each. Due to insurance and risk assessment reasons, if there are 3 or more dogs within one household, more than one walker would be required. This is as a precaution incase an incident was to happen such as dog aggression, and would be discussed at the first initial meeting.


10% armed forces discount to all serving personnel for any 30 minute or 1 hour visits booked.

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